by Viktoriya Sener

Monday 27 February 2017


ENG: I think palaces are wonderful places for meeting, aren’t they? Especially when they look like giant weightless spider web near crystal blue Bosporus. Also, my new black dress and checked overcoat suit perfectly for this background, don’t you think? My spring wardrobe will be definitely consisting of lace items, can’t wait to warm days!
Thanks for reading!

RU: Дворцы – чудесные места для встреч, как думаете? Особенно, если они похожи на гигантские воздушные паутинки, которые тянутся вдоль Босфора. У меня как раз появился подходящий наряд для прогулки: черное платье и стильное пальто в клетку. Мне кажется, кружево идеально дополняет эту чудесную архитектуру, не правда ли?
Вот такой типичный стамбульский февраль… Спасибо, что заглянули!

ALDO book clutch (similar HERE)
ZARA heels (same HERE)



  1. Gorgeous look! Love your dress!

  2. Beautiful dress!

  3. You always present us the most enchanting locations and beautiful, elegant and unique outfits!
    Have a great Monday gorgeous!

  4. Oh my. You're so pretty and I love the blacks. And I agree with everything. Xx

  5. Love your coat and dress! Looks so beautiful!

  6. Beautiful place <3

  7. Oh my, that clutch! I LOVE it! It goes so well with this outfit too! The jacket looks good over the black dress and I like that the dress has a collar. Very modest and elegant.

    I have a clutch giveaway going on at Sincerely Miss J! I hope you get a chance to check it out and enter to win! :)

  8. Chic and very nice outfit ;)

  9. Absolutely gorgeous in this classy black look!
    Love the details from the print of your coast to your clutch bag, such a great combo.


    ps: thx for your comment!

  10. Супер!!!! Целую

  11. amazing post lovely outfit great post

  12. Gorgeous dress V ! as usual, very well styled.

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