by Viktoriya Sener

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Rocky Coco

Hi, my dear friends! Today I’m mixing two different styles! My recipe is easy: jacket which is like from Coco Shanel’s collection + leggings and black boots. So, what do we get? Glam rock chic) I feel so cool in this outfit. What do you think? 

Saturday 27 October 2012

English midday

Hi friends! How are you today? My mood’s changing so fast as well as my style. Right now I’m in love with English classic clothes, it’s amazing choice for autumn sunny day and also a trend of fall/winter 2012/2013. If you wanna look more girly, check out dresses with flowers (kind of tea-rose print). If you like Tom-boy style, so welcome on board! Trench-coat, pair of fine oxfords, ties and bow-ties, tweed clothes, white shirt will become your best friends! And don’t forget your most important accessory: that’s your smile!


Thursday 25 October 2012

New ankle booties

Hi guys! Today I wanna show you my new ankle booties, which I’ve bought in local store. I think they will be perfect for cold season, comfortable and trendy in same time! When I moved to Istanbul, I’ve discovered a lot of amazing Turkish shoes stores; their items are fashionable and quality. So, if you’ll visit our city, check out shops like Inci, Derimod, Desa, Hotic etc. There’re you can find really lovely things!

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Transparent glasses

Hello friends! My wish’s come true: there are so cold and windy. At last I can wear warm knitted clothes and enjoy autumn weather. Anyway, I also wanna share with you one news. Yesterday I’ve received amazing eye glasses, which are suitable to each outfit! Thanks to for this lovely gift. Their production is high quality and customer service is so good! You can upload your picture on their website and choose glasses which exactly will suit to your face! You know, I really love it cause I’ve been using glasses since 10 years old and I’ve deal with great number of glass companies. And the most pleasant thing is the first glasses is free (you can check details here).
Guys, do you like my new glasses?


Thursday 18 October 2012

Where are you, autumn?

Hi friends! How are you today? It’s already October on the calendar, but behind my window is still summer. Guys, I wanna yellow leaves, cold wind and warm sweaters! My graphic print skirt is totally reflecting my mood. Hey, autumn, where are you babe? I’m waiting for you!

Saturday 13 October 2012

Dogtooth print dress

You know, I’m doing kind of wish list before each new season. I think everyone does, couse you can easily lost yourself in variety of offers in the shops! Anyway, my wish list didn’t include any item with dogtooth print, but as you see I’ve got it. This print is really so trendy in this autumn, you can find such items in many shops with different prices. I’ve found mine in local Turkish shop, great combination of price and quality! I’ll wear it not only like dress, also with sweaters and pullovers.

Guys, do you like dogtooth print?

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Paisley meets roses

Hi friends! Today I’ve decided to mix some prints, paisley meets roses! When I saw in Mango this pants and sweater, I’ve realized they should be together in same combination. This black clutch suits perfect for this lovely couple! And big hug for Dasha who has done these amazing photos!

Sunday 7 October 2012

Burgundy autumn

Hi guys! I think each of us has bought burgundy clothes. I also couldn’t pass by this trend! Color is really so great and I’m gonna buy more items like this (probably it’ll be bag or sweater). So what about you guys? What have you bought in this fabulous color?


Monday 1 October 2012

Hanging out with Dasha

Hi my dear readers! I’m a bit busy these days and not writing pretty much. Actually I have a reason for it: I have guest in my house for two weeks. Dasha is one of my best friends; we’ve been together since childhood. I still remember when I saw her first time: she sited on the desk in front of me in first school day. We’re like sever years old. It’s different times, sometimes we couldn’t talk for several mounts, and we’re busy, after finishing school we studied in different cities, but anyway we’ve have good relations.And now I’m so happy because she’s come to see me in Istanbul. We’re spending really great time together!

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