by Viktoriya Sener

Sunday 30 December 2012

Amazing gift

ENG: Hi, my dear friends! Yesterday I’ve got unexpected New Year gift from my husband. We’ve already exchanged gifts some time ago, so I didn’t wait anything. But I have one more present and I do love it! It’s Sephora Color pop-up store. Such an amazing thing! Lots of eye shadows and lip glosses! I’m so happy to get it!
Guys, I wanna wish to you Happy New Year! Kisses and hugs! See you in 2013!

Friday 28 December 2012

Shades of blue

ENG: Hi, dear friends! How’s going? I hope everyone had amazing Christmas. Here we have adorable sunny days and no snow. I’m really enjoying these warm days and it feels like spring. I wore blue jeans and blue sunglasses (this color reminds me sea and days of vocation). Also I’ve added my new cross necklace (such a lovely trend, isn’t it?).I wish you nice weekend!

Saturday 22 December 2012

The perfect coat

ENG: Hi friends! How is going preparation for Xmas? Everyone is so exited about holidays! One of my New Year’s dreams has come true! I have been searching for a perfect camel coat for 2 years. And at last I’ve found it! It’s really great and timeless item, I’m so happy to have it! What is your dream gift for Christmas?

Thursday 20 December 2012

What to wear: ideas for Christmas and New Year parties

ENG: Hi, my friends! It’s left few days till Christmas and little bit ore than week till New Year. If you haven’t got decision about your outfit yet or looking for some fresh ideas – welcome! Here are some tips for special parties and sets with looks. I’ve found all these fabulous dresses at House of Fraser online store. 
First I wanna talk about corporate event. I’m so sure many people will have kind of small pre-celebration in their offices. What cam you wear? You don’t need to shock your colleagues and boss with lots of sequins and shiny details. Just try simple dress which is not so different from your usual work outfit and add interesting clutch. It will be enough!

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Black & white winter

ENG: Hi, my dear friends! It’s 19 of December on calendar, but outside everything is still green! Sure, -15 C is not so cool at all, but I would not mind for little bit snow!  My outfit was inspired by pictures of winter: black naked trees and white snow. Also I haven’t forgotten about my paisley printed pants!
So, stay warm and don’t catch a cold! Kisses!  


Sunday 16 December 2012

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Lavender sweater

ENG: Hi friends! Today I wanna show you my lavender sweater. Actually it’s from M&S man’s line, but I think each girl can wear such thing! I also bought one new purple necklace (yeah, statement necklaces are my new obsession), it suits perfect to sweater. Do you like lavender and purple colors?


Monday 10 December 2012

Cowberry cap

ENG: Hi friends! Winter is officially started but instead snow we have rain. Not bad at all, it’s still pretty warm, even I can wear leather jacket and not catch a flue. Anyway I’m wearing my knitted cap and scarf from H&M, it’s little bit windy so my precious ears are protected)  
Wear worm clothes and stay cool! I wish happy day to everyone!

Saturday 8 December 2012

Cosmetic or clothes?

ENG: Hi, my dear readers! I know that there’re many great bloggers among my followers and just stylish and beautiful girls. Anyway, I’m wondering about one thing: what for do you like to spend your money – cosmetic or clothes? Of course if we have a possibility we can spend equal, but our budgets are limited sometimes. I’m not so much passionate about cosmetics; I have just what I need. I’ll not buy 10th shower gel or lipstick just because it smells good or has adorable cover. But I really hopeless about bags, shoes, jewels and clothes. So, for not become like a girl from «Confessions of a Shopaholic» movie, I’m doing the list what I need to buy and trying stick to it. Also outlets and seasons sells are helpful but damn it: new season’s items are so attractive! I need pills from greediness and take away from me my credit card!:)
I’ve put some infographics after the text, it shows how much money women spend in USA for being beautiful.
So, friends how do you planning your spends and what do you prefer more? I’m looking forwards for your experience and advices!

Thursday 6 December 2012

Plaid skirt and skull necklace

ENG: Hello guys! How are you? It seems warm days are finished, it rains all time! I wanna show you some of my new items: plaid skirt and skull necklace. You know I don’t like so much all these skull things, I think they’re keeping sort of negative energy (maybe it’s sounds weird to you, but anyway it’s my opinion). I’ve bought this necklace with small skulls and maybe I’ll remove them in future. Girls are not staid creations and we don’t know what we want! Do you like my new items?


Monday 3 December 2012

Spirit of sea

ENG: Yesterday was such a beautiful day! It’s almost +20 degree (don’t forget, it’s 2 of December), I can still wear some tiny clothes and my beloved white oxford shoes. I’ve already mentioned how big my love to marine trend is and I’m not giving up yet! Especially when you live close to sea side and have a possibility to breathe the amazing fresh air. So, how was your Sunday?

Saturday 1 December 2012

International glasses giveaway!

ENG: Hi, my dear readers! is giving 20$ coupon to 25 lucky winners! It sounds great, isn’t?So, what you need to do:
1. You have to become my follower through Google Friend Connection («Join this site» button) or through Bloglovin.
2. Like Firmoo on Facebook.
3. Leave a comment in this post, writing which glasses you wish to have (from here) and your email address.
Giveaway will finish 15 of December.
The winners will be chosen with RANDOM.ORG on the 16th of December!
I’ll send the voucher code through email.
It applies to any order excluding the designer glasses. It doesn't cover shipping fee.
The voucher code is valid until Dec. 25th, 2012 (23:59:59).
I wish good luck for everyone!
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