by Viktoriya Sener

Sunday 30 December 2012

Amazing gift

ENG: Hi, my dear friends! Yesterday I’ve got unexpected New Year gift from my husband. We’ve already exchanged gifts some time ago, so I didn’t wait anything. But I have one more present and I do love it! It’s Sephora Color pop-up store. Such an amazing thing! Lots of eye shadows and lip glosses! I’m so happy to get it!
Guys, I wanna wish to you Happy New Year! Kisses and hugs! See you in 2013!

Friday 28 December 2012

Shades of blue

ENG: Hi, dear friends! How’s going? I hope everyone had amazing Christmas. Here we have adorable sunny days and no snow. I’m really enjoying these warm days and it feels like spring. I wore blue jeans and blue sunglasses (this color reminds me sea and days of vocation). Also I’ve added my new cross necklace (such a lovely trend, isn’t it?).I wish you nice weekend!

Saturday 22 December 2012

The perfect coat

ENG: Hi friends! How is going preparation for Xmas? Everyone is so exited about holidays! One of my New Year’s dreams has come true! I have been searching for a perfect camel coat for 2 years. And at last I’ve found it! It’s really great and timeless item, I’m so happy to have it! What is your dream gift for Christmas?

Thursday 20 December 2012

What to wear: ideas for Christmas and New Year parties

ENG: Hi, my friends! It’s left few days till Christmas and little bit ore than week till New Year. If you haven’t got decision about your outfit yet or looking for some fresh ideas – welcome! Here are some tips for special parties and sets with looks. I’ve found all these fabulous dresses at House of Fraser online store. 
First I wanna talk about corporate event. I’m so sure many people will have kind of small pre-celebration in their offices. What cam you wear? You don’t need to shock your colleagues and boss with lots of sequins and shiny details. Just try simple dress which is not so different from your usual work outfit and add interesting clutch. It will be enough!

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Black & white winter

ENG: Hi, my dear friends! It’s 19 of December on calendar, but outside everything is still green! Sure, -15 C is not so cool at all, but I would not mind for little bit snow!  My outfit was inspired by pictures of winter: black naked trees and white snow. Also I haven’t forgotten about my paisley printed pants!
So, stay warm and don’t catch a cold! Kisses!  


Sunday 16 December 2012

Wednesday 12 December 2012

Lavender sweater

ENG: Hi friends! Today I wanna show you my lavender sweater. Actually it’s from M&S man’s line, but I think each girl can wear such thing! I also bought one new purple necklace (yeah, statement necklaces are my new obsession), it suits perfect to sweater. Do you like lavender and purple colors?


Monday 10 December 2012

Cowberry cap

ENG: Hi friends! Winter is officially started but instead snow we have rain. Not bad at all, it’s still pretty warm, even I can wear leather jacket and not catch a flue. Anyway I’m wearing my knitted cap and scarf from H&M, it’s little bit windy so my precious ears are protected)  
Wear worm clothes and stay cool! I wish happy day to everyone!

Saturday 8 December 2012

Cosmetic or clothes?

ENG: Hi, my dear readers! I know that there’re many great bloggers among my followers and just stylish and beautiful girls. Anyway, I’m wondering about one thing: what for do you like to spend your money – cosmetic or clothes? Of course if we have a possibility we can spend equal, but our budgets are limited sometimes. I’m not so much passionate about cosmetics; I have just what I need. I’ll not buy 10th shower gel or lipstick just because it smells good or has adorable cover. But I really hopeless about bags, shoes, jewels and clothes. So, for not become like a girl from «Confessions of a Shopaholic» movie, I’m doing the list what I need to buy and trying stick to it. Also outlets and seasons sells are helpful but damn it: new season’s items are so attractive! I need pills from greediness and take away from me my credit card!:)
I’ve put some infographics after the text, it shows how much money women spend in USA for being beautiful.
So, friends how do you planning your spends and what do you prefer more? I’m looking forwards for your experience and advices!

Thursday 6 December 2012

Plaid skirt and skull necklace

ENG: Hello guys! How are you? It seems warm days are finished, it rains all time! I wanna show you some of my new items: plaid skirt and skull necklace. You know I don’t like so much all these skull things, I think they’re keeping sort of negative energy (maybe it’s sounds weird to you, but anyway it’s my opinion). I’ve bought this necklace with small skulls and maybe I’ll remove them in future. Girls are not staid creations and we don’t know what we want! Do you like my new items?


Monday 3 December 2012

Spirit of sea

ENG: Yesterday was such a beautiful day! It’s almost +20 degree (don’t forget, it’s 2 of December), I can still wear some tiny clothes and my beloved white oxford shoes. I’ve already mentioned how big my love to marine trend is and I’m not giving up yet! Especially when you live close to sea side and have a possibility to breathe the amazing fresh air. So, how was your Sunday?

Saturday 1 December 2012

International glasses giveaway!

ENG: Hi, my dear readers! is giving 20$ coupon to 25 lucky winners! It sounds great, isn’t?So, what you need to do:
1. You have to become my follower through Google Friend Connection («Join this site» button) or through Bloglovin.
2. Like Firmoo on Facebook.
3. Leave a comment in this post, writing which glasses you wish to have (from here) and your email address.
Giveaway will finish 15 of December.
The winners will be chosen with RANDOM.ORG on the 16th of December!
I’ll send the voucher code through email.
It applies to any order excluding the designer glasses. It doesn't cover shipping fee.
The voucher code is valid until Dec. 25th, 2012 (23:59:59).
I wish good luck for everyone!

Thursday 29 November 2012

A human adventure

ENG: Hi friends! What did you dream about in childhood? I wanted to become an astronomer. I was so excited when my mom’s returned from business trim and brought me a huge Astronomy Encyclopedia! We become elder, our targets are changing, but we still have these child’s dreams. I have warm feeling to this science yet and when I’ve heart about space exhibition, I went of course! Space travels also have been started with a dream of math teacher and after few decades people made it true. So, don’t be afraid to dream!

Tuesday 27 November 2012

It’s getting colder

ENG: Hi, dear friends! I hope your week has started pretty well! It’s getting colder and colder with each day; I can wear my beloved winter coat at last! Yeah, we have warm winter in Istanbul (maybe as I remember the lowest temperature -5 C), so you shouldn’t look like fur ball during the whole cold season. But the great thing is that accessories time has become! I mean gloves, hats, scarves: such an easy way to make your outfit much more interesting! For me it’s just gloves for today.
So, guys, are you ready for cold season?


Saturday 24 November 2012

Smart is the new fashion

ENG: Hi friends! You know, I have been searching a pair of stylish nerd glasses for a long time. I really liked it on the other people and also wanted to have one for myself. In childhood wearing glasses was like a shame for me) Yeah, that’s true! But right now such glasses are fashionable item, and if you wear it, you look so stylish)
My nerd glasses were received from (don’t forget about their First Pair Free program). I love it so much and I’m not going out from house without it now) They are so great! It suits perfect to my beloved trousers and leather jacket.
Lovely bonus: a coupon code from for my dear readers which can save 15% off and is available for anyone, here's the code 44378b2c8d.
So, what do you thing about such glasses? Are you wearing them? Do you like mine?

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Ideas of Christmas gifts for beloved girls

ENG: Hi my dear readers! Christmas is coming! We have just one month for find best gifts for our close friend and family. I’ve searched a bit and find some ideas for you (sort of sentimental Christmas gifts)! I hope it’ll be helpful. Small note: gifts just for girls, sorry guys! Well, let’s start! The closest person in this world is mom. What we have: classic things with interesting details (for example, simple colorful bag or beautiful scarf).

Monday 19 November 2012

Never say never

ENG: Guys, do you know this feeling when you think «I’ll never do this» and then you do?  Well sometimes it happens with me also. When wedge sneakers became popular I thought I would never wear it. As you see, today I haven’t kept my word. Yes, right now I’m agreeing: they are damn comfortable and super stylish)
What about you? Have you ever done the same thing?


Saturday 17 November 2012

One wedding

ENG: Hi friends! Yesterday I’ve attended one wedding. It’s really nice and sweet even. Bride was so beautiful (well, I guesses all brides are :P). I was enjoying of event: people danced and smiled, what can be more positive?
I wore my beloved night dress and added some black accessories. The most important thing – burgundy lipstick!
I wish great weekend to everyone!

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Leopard scarf

ENG: Hi friends! How are you today? Days are becoming shorter, there’s no so much sun like before. But we’re not getting upset about it, are we? Let’s enjoy last warm days.
I’m not a big fun of leopard print; this scarf is maybe just one thing in my closet with such print. What about you? Do you like leopard on your clothes? I’m looking forward to know your opinion!

Saturday 10 November 2012

How about reading books?

ENG: Hi friends! These photos were shot yesterday, during my walk. I really enjoy of reading books and checking bookstores or book fairs. I think new gadgets will never replace it. Book has special amazing smell; it’s a pleasure to keep it in hands and flipping pages.
What about you guys? Are you books lovers also?
My outfit is so comfortable today; nothing should disturb me during hunt for books)
Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Mysterious park and birthday girl

ENG: Hi! My dear readers, I have birthday today, so I’ll not write a lot) I just wanna share these photos with you, which we took yesterday in park. I hope you’ll enjoy!Kisses and hugs!


Sunday 4 November 2012

In Hat we trust

ENG: Hi, my dear readers! How was your weekend? I have some news: at last I’ve bought a hat for myself. I’ve found it in Zara, it’s the last one) What a luck! But when I backed home and showed my new purchase I was called «King of amanitas». Can you imagine?) Anyway, I don’t care cause I really like my hat!
So, forget mushrooms, let’s talk about fashion. What do you think about wearing hats? Do you like it? Some people think that hats become so mass, like maxi skirts or ox blood color. If skirts had been put in the deepest corner of closet, burgundy is not giving up so easily! Also I think the same story will be with hats: we’ll see a lot of girls wearing this accessory. In my opinion it’s really stylish and beautiful item.
Have a nice week! Kisses!

Wednesday 31 October 2012

Rocky Coco

Hi, my dear friends! Today I’m mixing two different styles! My recipe is easy: jacket which is like from Coco Shanel’s collection + leggings and black boots. So, what do we get? Glam rock chic) I feel so cool in this outfit. What do you think? 

Saturday 27 October 2012

English midday

Hi friends! How are you today? My mood’s changing so fast as well as my style. Right now I’m in love with English classic clothes, it’s amazing choice for autumn sunny day and also a trend of fall/winter 2012/2013. If you wanna look more girly, check out dresses with flowers (kind of tea-rose print). If you like Tom-boy style, so welcome on board! Trench-coat, pair of fine oxfords, ties and bow-ties, tweed clothes, white shirt will become your best friends! And don’t forget your most important accessory: that’s your smile!


Thursday 25 October 2012

New ankle booties

Hi guys! Today I wanna show you my new ankle booties, which I’ve bought in local store. I think they will be perfect for cold season, comfortable and trendy in same time! When I moved to Istanbul, I’ve discovered a lot of amazing Turkish shoes stores; their items are fashionable and quality. So, if you’ll visit our city, check out shops like Inci, Derimod, Desa, Hotic etc. There’re you can find really lovely things!

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Transparent glasses

Hello friends! My wish’s come true: there are so cold and windy. At last I can wear warm knitted clothes and enjoy autumn weather. Anyway, I also wanna share with you one news. Yesterday I’ve received amazing eye glasses, which are suitable to each outfit! Thanks to for this lovely gift. Their production is high quality and customer service is so good! You can upload your picture on their website and choose glasses which exactly will suit to your face! You know, I really love it cause I’ve been using glasses since 10 years old and I’ve deal with great number of glass companies. And the most pleasant thing is the first glasses is free (you can check details here).
Guys, do you like my new glasses?


Thursday 18 October 2012

Where are you, autumn?

Hi friends! How are you today? It’s already October on the calendar, but behind my window is still summer. Guys, I wanna yellow leaves, cold wind and warm sweaters! My graphic print skirt is totally reflecting my mood. Hey, autumn, where are you babe? I’m waiting for you!

Saturday 13 October 2012

Dogtooth print dress

You know, I’m doing kind of wish list before each new season. I think everyone does, couse you can easily lost yourself in variety of offers in the shops! Anyway, my wish list didn’t include any item with dogtooth print, but as you see I’ve got it. This print is really so trendy in this autumn, you can find such items in many shops with different prices. I’ve found mine in local Turkish shop, great combination of price and quality! I’ll wear it not only like dress, also with sweaters and pullovers.

Guys, do you like dogtooth print?

Wednesday 10 October 2012

Paisley meets roses

Hi friends! Today I’ve decided to mix some prints, paisley meets roses! When I saw in Mango this pants and sweater, I’ve realized they should be together in same combination. This black clutch suits perfect for this lovely couple! And big hug for Dasha who has done these amazing photos!

Sunday 7 October 2012

Burgundy autumn

Hi guys! I think each of us has bought burgundy clothes. I also couldn’t pass by this trend! Color is really so great and I’m gonna buy more items like this (probably it’ll be bag or sweater). So what about you guys? What have you bought in this fabulous color?


Monday 1 October 2012

Hanging out with Dasha

Hi my dear readers! I’m a bit busy these days and not writing pretty much. Actually I have a reason for it: I have guest in my house for two weeks. Dasha is one of my best friends; we’ve been together since childhood. I still remember when I saw her first time: she sited on the desk in front of me in first school day. We’re like sever years old. It’s different times, sometimes we couldn’t talk for several mounts, and we’re busy, after finishing school we studied in different cities, but anyway we’ve have good relations.And now I’m so happy because she’s come to see me in Istanbul. We’re spending really great time together!


Monday 24 September 2012

D for Denim

Hi friends! I hope your Monday was not so hard and stressful. Mine was pretty relaxed: I’ve spend day with my dear Kseniya, we had cappuccino and visited beauty salon. For feeling comfortable I’ve chosen denim pants and shirt! My beloved bad also here)
Guys, how was your Monday?


Saturday 22 September 2012

New bag

Friends, meet my new autumn love! First time I’ve seen it on Matraş web-site (Turkish shop of leather goodies) and I realized how I want to get this bag. Then I went to their store for check it better.  And bag was right there on the show-window. It’s destiny))). We gonna spend together the whole autumn and winter)

Do you have also some kind of beloved new items?

Wednesday 19 September 2012

The last autumn flowers

I like to style clothes in different unusual way last time, I’m trying to have sort of «fresh look» on things. So today I wore River Island floral dress with white classic shirt. In my opinion it looks pretty nice. Also I’ve added heels and «lady-like» bag. What do you think?

Friday 14 September 2012

FNO Istanbul 2012

Yesterday we’ve attended Fashion’s Night Out in Istanbul. What can I say? Great party, nice music, tasty snacks and drinks, good discounts and fashion people. We’ve spent really good time and got a lot of fun!  Did you go to FNO in your city?

Wednesday 12 September 2012


Hi friends! I should confess I’m a big fun of dandy style and man’s clothes at all! I have a lot of suits, jackets, blazers, trousers, ties and other «mans» things. We know that in this season such style has so strong position, what makes me extremely happy. This white suit was bought in beginning of summer, but the first time I’ve wore it today. I feel really great in it! So, what about you guys? Do you like classy clothes?

Friday 31 August 2012

How to spend last day of summer?

So in few hours summer of 2012 will finish! You should spend this day in really interesting way. There are some advises from Tie Bow-tie how to not get bored in August of 31. Here they are:
1. Try some new cocktails (at morning and non-alcoholic).
2. Escape from gang of crazy cats (we faced with insane animals; they could perfectly suit for «Walking dead» series).
3. Find normal cute cats and shoot some photos.
4. Discover a new shop. We’ve found interesting one with hand-maid clothes.
5. Realize that new wonderful season is coming!


Wednesday 22 August 2012

Near the swimming pool

Just few day left till end of summer, but actually we’re a bit lucky cause warn season is continuing at least 1,5 months more! So we’re sill have summer mood! Here’re some photos from Fethiye which I’ve taken near swimming pool. I have top with similar print from H&M, right now you can see same printed skirt. I hope my obsession with flower print will finish in soon! Have a nice evening!


Monday 20 August 2012

Little gray dress

Hi friends! How was your weekend? You know, sometimes you’ve bought some clothes but you’re not wearing it for a long time! Is it happening with you also?) This grey dress I bought 2 years ago and I’ve wore it the first time yesterday.  I think some clothes just wait true moment and true time!

Thursday 16 August 2012

Just me and Aegean Sea

Hi dear friends! You know, I love sea so much! Even though sharp rocks and small nasty fish, which wanna bite you all time. Incredible water smell, fresh wind and hot wind! What do you need more?

Monday 13 August 2012

Silk blouse and safari pants

I’m a bit bored from bright colors, so I’ve decided to wear some calm colors clothes. My white silk blouse and safari pants are made a perfect combination for this. I’ve added some simple accessories and my outfit is ready.

Saturday 11 August 2012

Going back from the beach

Hi, my dear readers! It’s time of vocation for me! Right now I’m in Fethiye, resort city which is located on the south-west of Turkey. So, today when I was going back from beach, I’d wear little country style dress. Also I haven’t forgotten huge wicker bag with all necessary stuffs.
Have a nice day guys!


Sunday 29 July 2012

The Orchid

Hi friend! Today I was inspired by Orchid, its shapes and colors! Main color of my outfit is bright pink, and also print on my t-shirt reminds me this wonderful flower. Finishing touch of my look is my beloved «Forever new» bag. Have a great Sunday!


Tuesday 24 July 2012

New clothes

Hi guys! One week ago I’ve bought some new clothes from H&M: lace dress (at last I’ve found one), printed skirt and t-shirt (they have same color, but I don’t think to wear them together). Also I’ve bought shell necklace from Tresera accessories shop. You’ll see in soon them on me! Have a nice day!

Friday 20 July 2012

Barefoot on the beach

Hi friends! When I’ve seen this floral dress I immediately decided to buy it (you know this summer I’m crazy about floral print). But for me to wear just a dress came a bit boring, so I’ve added wide cotton shirt (actually it’s from man’s collection) and tiny pink belt. I think it’s a perfect outfit for walking barefoot on the beach. What do you think?


Saturday 14 July 2012

Like a sailor

Hi everyone! My love with sea trend is continuing. I wore singlet with white short, added pearl necklace and white bag. I think it suits to me so much!
Have a nice day!


Friday 13 July 2012

Shopping in Istanbul: Shopping centers

Hi friends! Today we’ll continue your topic about shopping in Istanbul. Let’s talk about shopping centers?! Actually there are a lot of them, I’ll just show you which I like and where I love to shop.
Number one for me is Capacity (upper photo), because it’s so much close to my apartment and it’s full of my beloved brands. It’s located in Bakirkoy district, 10 minutes from Ataturk Airport. You may find there Zara, Mango, Bershka, Forever New (Australian brand of clothes) and a lot of local marcs of clothes and shoes! This shopping place is not so large but there’re a lot of shops (app. 150 stores)! I really like this place!


Tuesday 10 July 2012

Short walk in Sultanahmet

People who live in bag historical cities sometimes forget how lucky they are! A lot of tourists pay some many; spend much time in flight for seeing you city. But if you live for example in Roma, London, Barcelona or Istanbul you can see each day all those beauty!
So one week ago we’ve decided be like tourists in our city. I and Kseniya went to historical part of Istanbul – Sultanahmet. There are located the great number of historical and culture objects. During walking we’ve made some pictures. Enjoy with us!

Friday 6 July 2012

Still in love with floral print

If it could be possible, I would buy all clothes with floral print! Ah, sweet dreams! It’s my second dress from River Island, and I love it so much. I’ve found flower ring in my jewelry box, I have it maybe 4 year, but I’ve totally forgotten about it! I think it so suits to this dress!

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