by Viktoriya Sener

Thursday 29 November 2012

A human adventure

ENG: Hi friends! What did you dream about in childhood? I wanted to become an astronomer. I was so excited when my mom’s returned from business trim and brought me a huge Astronomy Encyclopedia! We become elder, our targets are changing, but we still have these child’s dreams. I have warm feeling to this science yet and when I’ve heart about space exhibition, I went of course! Space travels also have been started with a dream of math teacher and after few decades people made it true. So, don’t be afraid to dream!

Tuesday 27 November 2012

It’s getting colder

ENG: Hi, dear friends! I hope your week has started pretty well! It’s getting colder and colder with each day; I can wear my beloved winter coat at last! Yeah, we have warm winter in Istanbul (maybe as I remember the lowest temperature -5 C), so you shouldn’t look like fur ball during the whole cold season. But the great thing is that accessories time has become! I mean gloves, hats, scarves: such an easy way to make your outfit much more interesting! For me it’s just gloves for today.
So, guys, are you ready for cold season?


Saturday 24 November 2012

Smart is the new fashion

ENG: Hi friends! You know, I have been searching a pair of stylish nerd glasses for a long time. I really liked it on the other people and also wanted to have one for myself. In childhood wearing glasses was like a shame for me) Yeah, that’s true! But right now such glasses are fashionable item, and if you wear it, you look so stylish)
My nerd glasses were received from (don’t forget about their First Pair Free program). I love it so much and I’m not going out from house without it now) They are so great! It suits perfect to my beloved trousers and leather jacket.
Lovely bonus: a coupon code from for my dear readers which can save 15% off and is available for anyone, here's the code 44378b2c8d.
So, what do you thing about such glasses? Are you wearing them? Do you like mine?

Wednesday 21 November 2012

Ideas of Christmas gifts for beloved girls

ENG: Hi my dear readers! Christmas is coming! We have just one month for find best gifts for our close friend and family. I’ve searched a bit and find some ideas for you (sort of sentimental Christmas gifts)! I hope it’ll be helpful. Small note: gifts just for girls, sorry guys! Well, let’s start! The closest person in this world is mom. What we have: classic things with interesting details (for example, simple colorful bag or beautiful scarf).

Monday 19 November 2012

Never say never

ENG: Guys, do you know this feeling when you think «I’ll never do this» and then you do?  Well sometimes it happens with me also. When wedge sneakers became popular I thought I would never wear it. As you see, today I haven’t kept my word. Yes, right now I’m agreeing: they are damn comfortable and super stylish)
What about you? Have you ever done the same thing?


Saturday 17 November 2012

One wedding

ENG: Hi friends! Yesterday I’ve attended one wedding. It’s really nice and sweet even. Bride was so beautiful (well, I guesses all brides are :P). I was enjoying of event: people danced and smiled, what can be more positive?
I wore my beloved night dress and added some black accessories. The most important thing – burgundy lipstick!
I wish great weekend to everyone!

Tuesday 13 November 2012

Leopard scarf

ENG: Hi friends! How are you today? Days are becoming shorter, there’s no so much sun like before. But we’re not getting upset about it, are we? Let’s enjoy last warm days.
I’m not a big fun of leopard print; this scarf is maybe just one thing in my closet with such print. What about you? Do you like leopard on your clothes? I’m looking forward to know your opinion!

Saturday 10 November 2012

How about reading books?

ENG: Hi friends! These photos were shot yesterday, during my walk. I really enjoy of reading books and checking bookstores or book fairs. I think new gadgets will never replace it. Book has special amazing smell; it’s a pleasure to keep it in hands and flipping pages.
What about you guys? Are you books lovers also?
My outfit is so comfortable today; nothing should disturb me during hunt for books)
Have a nice weekend!

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Mysterious park and birthday girl

ENG: Hi! My dear readers, I have birthday today, so I’ll not write a lot) I just wanna share these photos with you, which we took yesterday in park. I hope you’ll enjoy!Kisses and hugs!


Sunday 4 November 2012

In Hat we trust

ENG: Hi, my dear readers! How was your weekend? I have some news: at last I’ve bought a hat for myself. I’ve found it in Zara, it’s the last one) What a luck! But when I backed home and showed my new purchase I was called «King of amanitas». Can you imagine?) Anyway, I don’t care cause I really like my hat!
So, forget mushrooms, let’s talk about fashion. What do you think about wearing hats? Do you like it? Some people think that hats become so mass, like maxi skirts or ox blood color. If skirts had been put in the deepest corner of closet, burgundy is not giving up so easily! Also I think the same story will be with hats: we’ll see a lot of girls wearing this accessory. In my opinion it’s really stylish and beautiful item.
Have a nice week! Kisses!
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