by Viktoriya Sener

Thursday, 21 September 2017


ENG: It is super simply to make me happy, just give me a new dress: this pink beauty with bow came just in time. Cold, rain, coats, wind? Never heard of them! Summer is go on…

RU: Новое платье в гардеробе всегда делает меня чуточку счастливей: розовое чудо с бантиков пришлось как раз кстати. Осень, тучи, пальто, холод? Нет, не слышали! Лето продолжается…

VIPshop dress
use coupon code Viktoriya736 for $5 off
ADL sandals (similar HERE)
MICHAEL KORS bag (similar HERE)



  1. You're looking so beautiful and elegant here! This dress is so romantic and suits you perfectly.

  2. Superb and elegant outfit! Perfect romantic color as well ;)

  3. Фотографии прекрасны. Просматривая их, слышу запах цветов. Безумно красивое платье! Удачного дня! Целую!

  4. i love how muted that pink is. the dress looks amazing on you! you look stunning! :)

    xoxo, rae

  5. Such a lovely dress, lovely! Cool look as always! x

  6. Such a lovely dress :)

  7. Love your dress

  8. Nice outfit!!


  9. love the look! The dressand the bag are so fab!

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  13. Amazing outfit!

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