by Viktoriya Sener

Friday, 3 October 2014


ENG: People who live in countries of eternal summer dream to play with snow and try one some really warm coat; folks from Finland probably think how to rid of hats and get sunbaths 12 months in year. I am in somewhere middle, here is weather never go wild, we have little bit of everything. Walk in favorite sandals in mid of October is definitely in advantage. What about you, do you satisfy with your local weather or you have some wishes to pick up other place for living?
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Thanks for all your sweet comments!

RU: Обитатели стран вечного лета мечтают потрогать снег и примерить пуховик, а северяне – забыть о шапках и круглогодично загорать. Я нахожусь где-то посередине: погода не впадает в крайности, и в октябре еще можно носить любимые босоножки. В детстве терпеть не могла носить шапки, а вот теперь у меня их не отберешь) Вкусы со временем меняются. А вы довольны местной погодой?
P.S.: Кстати, у iClothing (моя розовая юбка и платье с пальмами из этого поста) есть доставка и в Россию, и в Украину, если будете регистрироваться, увидите в списке предлагаемых стран.
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NEW LOOK clutch (similar HERE and HERE)
MANGO sandals (similar HERE and HERE)



  1. Восхищена новым луком! Получила максимум позитива при его просмотре! Юбочка чудесная! Сумочка с пальмочками просто мечта! Удачного дня! Целую!

  2. Nice:)) x

  3. Fantastic look! Lovely!

  4. Amazing sweet look:) You look perfect :)

  5. Love this outfit, you always look so amazing in skirts like that!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  6. Such a pretty look! & I wore some sandals out tonight, it's such a good feeling!
    Summer x

  7. Totally loving this neon pink colour on you!
    Love, Alena | meet me stylish

  8. Hello from Spain: I do not like the weather in my city. Too much rain. I want to live in Miami. I love the sun and heat. I love your skirt. Keep in touch

  9. прекрасный образ!

  10. Я тоже в детстве не любила шапки, а сейчас люблю, но только вязаные, меховые я до сих пор не очень жалую :-)

  11. Lovely skirt!

  12. Pretty look and love so much your skirt.
    See you soon

  13. What a fantastic outfit...the skirt and the shirt are a match made in heaven...and I really love your sandals.... and as I already said on lookbook- you look so beautiful in these pics!

    Here it is also quite warm at the moment....Like yourself, I live in the Mediterranean and I love this climate. I never dream of snow and if it doesn't snow this year I won't be sorry for it;) The one thing I always liked about myself was my Mediterranean skin tone, I used to be much darker... nowadays I don't spend as much time in the sun because I've some heath problems related to it, but there is nothing better than sunshine!

  14. i love your pictures, oh my god, they're so gorgeous!

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